Investigação em
Enfermagem nº 12

Agosto 2005



Introduction to phenomenography: possibilities for applications to research into care provision and in nursing
Manuel Agostinho M Fernandes

The influence of the solutions applied in the urinary meatus on catheter-associated urinary tract infection.
Pedro Miguel Carrão Carrapato

The importance of the wash common of the hands in the control of infection - In.uence of the Common wash of the Hands in the Bacterial Flora of the Hands of the Nurses
Ana Maria Silvestre Duarte; Dulce de Fátima M Flamino Cabeça

Clinical Supervising in Nursing
António Fernando da Silva Garrido

Nursing Caring: Student’s preception
Isabel Lage

The information of pregnant adolescents: Contributes of supervision on education for health
Fernanda Pinto dos Santos Cunha

Implementation of the orientations of the WHO on breatfeeding in a baby-friendly hospital: the mother’s perspective. Consequences to the maintenance of breatfeeding at three months of life/age
Dulce Maria Pereira garcia Galvão

Inventory of the Instrumental and Psychosocial Acquisitions of Sexuality of the Nursing Students in School Context
Manuela A Rodrigues; Anabela Antunes; Luis Loureiro; Ana C Dias